Raw Chocolate and Almond Bites

Chocolate and almonds are one of my favourite combinations, they taste so indulgent together but are both really good for you. I firmly believe everyone should eat chocolate at least once day…dark chocolate that is (milk chocolate is more a weekend treat for me!)


Whether you call them energy balls, bliss balls, bites etc – these small balls of yumminess are super easy to make, involve no cooking time and are the perfect snack to keep in the fridge. Although I made mine with 70% chocolate, you could also use milk chocolate for a more indulgent treat – Green & Black’s milk almond chocolate is next on my list to use!


Makes 12 bites;

– 1 cup of GF oat flour* (100g)
– 3/4 cup ground almonds (90g)
– 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
– 1tsp almond extract
– 1tsp cinnamon
– 1/4 cup honey
– 1/2 dark chocolate, I used 70% (90g)
– handful of chopped almonds, optional

*to make oat flour blend oats in a food processor until a flour forms.

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, except from the dark chocolate as this will be the coating.

Roll the mixture into medium sized balls and pop in the fridge to set.

Break the chocolate up and heat in a Bain-marie until it’s melted. You can also melt in the microwave or in a pan but be careful not to burn the chocolate.

Coat the balls in the chocolate and place them back in the fridge to fully set. Chopped almonds can also be sprinkled on top for decoration!


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