Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

How blooming hot has it been in the UK recently? I’m usually a reptile and covered in multiple blankets, so the recent sunny weather makes me feel like a relatively normal human being (I am however sat in my dressing gown whilst writing this…) I really crave light breakfast’s when it’s warm; as much as I love porridge and overnight oats, this yummy blueberry breakfast bowl is perfect for the recent heat wave.


Frozen bananas work perfectly in smoothie bowls as they create a thick, creamy texture whilst adding natural sweetness. Blended with blueberries, milk and oats to help thicken the texture – coconut/nut milks will also work for you dairy free lovelies out there!

This breakfast bowl is simple, easy and delicious….oat so delicious.


– 1 frozen banana*
– 3/4 cup milk (180ml)
– 1 cup blueberries (100g)
– 2 tbsp GF oats
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp maca
– 1 tsp sweetener (honey, agave, maple)
– 1 tbsp chia seeds

* when your bananas are too ripe to eat; peel the skin off, chop into small bites and place in the freezer.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth – add desired toppings and enjoy!
I had extra blueberries, desiccated coconut and chia seeds on mine.



  1. This looks so delicious, and refreshing too ?

  2. What a vibrant, refreshing breakfast to start your day with. I will definitely be trying this!

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