Gluten Free Lunch at The Lean Pantry Co

The Lean Pantry Co. is an amazing healthy eating café and pantry based in Oakham & Stamford that is gluten, wheat, dairy & refined sugar free. My mum and I visited their cafe in Stamford for lunch last weekend, and whilst the space is small, the additional seating upstairs is handy when it gets busy. We, however, sat on table next to window so we could watch everyone get absolutely soaked in the rain!

Stamford hasn’t had a healthy eating/allergy friendly cafe before, so The Lean Pantry is a breath of fresh air! There’s nothing better than looking at a menu and knowing you can have EVERYTHING – whilst trying everyone else’s as well!


I ordered the smashed avocado on quinoa bread (who knew?) with sunflower seeds and chilli salt. It was delicious! The quinoa bread was a recommendation by the staff (put on the spot by me when I asked which was the best bread) and I’m in complete agreement! It was crispy on the outside but still lovely a soft in the middle – a perfect base for the creamy avocado and crunchy sunflower seeds.


When it came to dessert, there was over 10 beautiful cakes to choose from, making it quite hard for me to make a decision at first. However seeing the title ‘snickers blondie’ (pictured right) definitely helped me to decide! I mean, look at that beautiful chunk of peanut butter goodness! Mum had the apple and cinnamon cake (pictured left) which was beautifully light and filled with chucks of apples, providing a lovely texture contrast.

To drink we had a coconut latte and almond mocha – I will admit the mocha was extremely bitter, and even with 3tsp of coconut sugar it wasn’t drinkable. I found out they use cacao powder (the rawest form of chocolate) which can be quite bitter. The staff kindly swapped the drink for me to a coconut latte, free of charge which was lovely of them. Sorry for being the awkward customer that day!


Overall I would definitely recommend this place to any one looking for a healthier lunch alternative and I would 100% advise any Coeliacs to visit if you’re in the area! For my next visit I’d love to try the creamy coconut chicken curry which I’ve heard so much about and the waffles with booja booja ice-cream (hunky punky is the best!)

Has anyone else visited The Lean Pantry recently? Let me know your thoughts!

Sophie x

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