Perkier X Pudology Self-Love Pop Up

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to Perkier & Pudology’s first ever pop up event in London. Held the day before Valentine’s Day, this event was a celebration of self-love & love life – something we all could do a little more of each day!

I realise Valentine’s Day can be a slightly controversial holiday, and many choose to celebrate ‘Galentines Day’ instead. I personally love the holiday, with all its delicious pink and red themed bakes, pancake stacks and of course the chocolate! However, I do believe we should show our loved ones that we care every single day, not just because social media tells us to on one day every year.

This event was such a lovely way to reinforce the importance of self-love, surrounded by down-to-earth bloggers, lovely hosts and of course lots of delicious food!

The Venue

Held at Tell Your Friends in Fulham, this new vegan hot spot has all the cool girl vibes you want in a South West London restaurant. Gold cutlery, marble worktops, palm leaf bathroom wallpaper and lots of fairy lights made this venue extra special and total interior goals!

With both Perkier and Pudology being vegan brands, this was the perfect choice of venue for this extra special night. The pop-up was held in the basement studio room, which was decked out with self-love balloons and heart-shaped confetti and garlands – you couldn’t help but smile when walking in!

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

The Food

As Perkier & Pudology are both gluten free and vegan brands, our menu for the night focused on lots of delicious vegan/GF treats (many ingredients which I’ve never tried before). Tell Your Friends is advertised as a vegan bar/restaurant, so I was a little concerned that the menu wouldn’t be 100% gluten free and therefore suitable for coeliacs. However, as Ann (the founder of Perkier) is a fellow coeliac, she understood my concerns completely. She reassured me the menu would be 100% gluten free and therefore safe for us to eat. Win win!

We started off with a delicious selection of savoury canapés – my favourite being the beetballs, fried plantain chips with smashed avocado and mini courgette rolls filled with cashew herb cream cheese. They were all absolutely delicious and TYF did such a good job with the presentation! 

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

For the sweet options (my favourite of course) we had a coconut yoghurt, fruit compote and granola breakfast station set up by Pudology. We could choose between the strawberry or mango compote – my favourite being the strawberry as it was slightly sweeter. This was to promote their new on-the-go breakfast product, so keep a look out in supermarkets for this!

Perkier & Pudology also combined their products together to create the most delicious dessert pots – the options were;

  • Pudology chocolate mousse and salted caramel pud with Perkier salted caramel bite
  • Pudology chocolate orange pud with Perkier cacao & orange bite + a touch of fresh orange
  • Pudology chocolate pudding with Perkier cacao & peanut bite + a fresh raspberry.

The room was also fully stocked with both brands products, my two favourites being the Perkier salted caramel bites and Pudology banoffee mousse – I hadn’t tried the new mousse recipe before and I have to say it was heavenly!

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

The Brands

Perkier have a range of super delicious quinoa bars, porridge pots and their new yummy bites (honestly the best snack you’ll ever eat!) Their range of naturally delicious breakfasts and snacks are bursting with nutritious energy, packed with the goodness of whole foods, and abundant with nutrients your body needs to thrive, each and every day. Each product is gluten free, vegan and palm oil free.

When Lucy, Pudology’s founder, was diagnosed with a dairy and egg intolerance, she set out to create treats that were dairy free, gluten free and 100% delicious. She searched the world to find innovative ingredients which she could apply to a range of delicious allergy-friendly treats. Whether you want gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free or just delicious desserts, you’ll be able to find your favourite flavour/texture combo at Pudology!

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

Self Love

As this was the main theme of the night, I thought I would write a little bit about what I believe self-love to be.

Personally, my life can be pretty hectic as I work on my blog alongside a full-time job in events marketing. I’ve always struggled with switching my mind off, so self-love to me is focussing on ‘me time’ with no interruptions.

This could mean a long soak in the bath, reading my favourite book with a hot chocolate or going to the gym and sweating it all out! As long as there’s no phone/laptop involved, I’m doing something completely for myself to help me de-stress.

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

The Goodie Bags

The most amazing goodie bags were awaiting us on our way out of the event, filled to the brim with delicious foodie and lifestyle treats. At many events samples can be a given, however, these were extremely generous!

Perkier goodies

  • 6 packs of their new bites (2x salted caramel, 2x cacao orange, 2x cacao peanut)
  • 8 quinoa bars (2x cacao/cashew, 2x peanut, 2x goji/cranberry, 1x coconut/chia, 1x cashew/chia/pumpkin)
  • 3x oaty quinoa porridge pots (original, golden syrup, cranberry)
  • Perkier notebook/pen
  • The Little Book of Self-Care by Mel Noakes

Pudology goodies

  • 2x millionaire pots
  • 2x banoffee pots
  • 2x skinny chocolate raspberry pud
  • 1x chocolate pud
  • 1x chocolate orange pud
  • Pudology apron
  • Pudology notebook/pen

Perkier X Pudology Self Love Pop Up

I just want to say a big thank you to Ann, Lily, Lucy and Sophie who did an amazing job organising this event and thank you so much for inviting me!

In collaboration with Perkier

Sophie x

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