Gluten Free Blackberry Granola Jars

My love of blackberries continues to grow this season. I’ve never really been bothered by the delicious fruit in previous years, however I’m loving them this autumn! Especially when they feature in these yummy gluten free blackberry granola jars – absolute heaven!

I love a good breakfast bowl, don’t get me wrong. However, there’s something so convenient about breakfast jars that I just can’t get enough of! Grab them on your way to work or make them in batches and mix and match the flavours. The choice is yours!

Gluten Free Blackberry Granola Pots

The best part about making breakfast jars is the fun flavours you can experiment with. I’ve chosen very autumnal flavours because 1. they are blooming delish and 2. it’s always good to choose produce that are in season. They are both cheaper and at their peak freshness! Plus, you’re doing your bit for the environment as produce in season hasn’t been flown in from another country – it all counts!

Cinnamon Hazelnut Granola

I have a little bit of an obsession with making homemade gluten free granola. It’s a great way to choose your own flavour combinations and you know exactly what ingredients have gone into it! I chose to make cinnamon hazelnut granola for these gluten free blackberry granola jars as I love this combination for autumn.

Lightly flavoured with my favourite seasonal spice, cinnamon, this granola is full of warming, cosy flavours and perfect paired with blackberries. The combination of oats, hazelnuts, coconut sugar and maple syrup is delicious!

Gluten Free Blackberry Granola Pots

Blackberry Compote

In my eyes, this delicious blackberry compote is the piece de resistance of the recipe. Sweet, sticky and blooming tasty, you’ll want to add this compote to all of your breakfast bowls! Made with fresh blackberries, maple syrup and chia seeds to help thicken the mixture – it’s super speedy to make and super delicious!

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300g Greek yoghurt

Cinnamon Hazelnut Granola
200g GF oats
150g hazelnuts
2 tbsp cinnamon
30g coconut sugar
2 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp coconut oil
125ml maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

Blackberry Compote
100g fresh blackberries
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp chia seeds


  1. Preheat your oven to 170C/150 Fan/325F
  2. Place the dry ingredients (oats to chia seeds) in a large bowl and mix together.
  3. Heat the coconut oil in a small saucepan until melted, then add in the maple syrup until everything has dissolved and the mixture is silky smooth.
  4. Combine the wet and dry mixes together until everything is coated.
  5. Spread the mixture on a baking tray as evenly as possible. Pop into the middle of the oven and bake for 20 mins, stirring the mixture halfway through.
  6. Remove the granola from the oven and leave to fully cool.
  7. While the granola is baking, you can make the blackberry compote.
  8. Start by adding the blackberries and honey to a small saucepan and heat on a medium temperature.
  9. As the fruit heats us, mash the berries with a fork to break them apart.
  10. Simmer for 5 mins until the blackberries break down and a sticky sauce starts to form – then add in the chia seeds and give it a good stir.
  11. Leave to cool while the granola finishes cooking.
  12. Once the granola and compote are both cooled you can start to layer the jars.
  13. Layer with the granola, greek yoghurt and blackberry compote, then repeat with the remaining ingredients.
  14. Finish with fresh berries and figs – enjoy!

Sophie x

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