5 Ingredient Winter Berry Smoothie Bowl

Ever thought you’d be tucking into a bright pink smoothie bowl this winter? You may think the cold weather has turned me a little loopy, but I promise a winter berry smoothie bowl is still a great breakfast choice in the morning!

Before I get into discussing this delicious 5 ingredient breakfast, let’s talk about my little 2 month absence…

Winter berry smoothie bowl


You know how bloggers/influencers talk about a weekend digital detox, or even a whole week spent offline? Well, I was one of them. I had initially planned for a couple of days off, or even a whole week off before December and the Christmas chaos started. A week turned into two weeks, which turned into a month, and then two months passed. TWO WHOLE MONTHS! Even I didn’t expect that to happen!

You know what shocked me the most? I loved every second of it. No worries about Instagram likes, no more comparing my work to others and A LOT more time spent relaxing, enjoying the festive season and actually having a ‘normal’ weekend.

I told myself that January would be my time to start creating content and posting online again. It may be the end of Jan already but here I am with new content! I’m not sure my creative spark is 100% back, but I loved picking up my camera again and I’m excited to experiment with new recipes over the next few months. I can’t guarantee I’ll be posting as frequently as I used to, but I will still be popping new recipes on here and my Instagram page when inspiration and creativity strikes!

Winter berry smoothie bowl


Digital detox talk over, now back to this 5 ingredient winter berry smoothie bowl. You might be thinking a cosy porridge bowl is more appropriate in the winter. I would agree on some levels, however think of all the delicious fruit and fibre you can pack into a smoothie!

Bananas, mixed berries, gluten free oats, dairy free milk and honey/maple syrup are all that you need for this recipe. Minus all those delicious toppings of course! The extra fruit is perfect for this time of year when all we want to eat is comforting stodgy food. Throw in some GF oats for added fibre and you’re good to go! Finish your smoothie bowl with a drizzle of your favourite nut butter, homemade crunchy granola for texture and of course more berries. The more toppings the better!


2 ripe bananas
2 large handfuls frozen mixed winter berries
3 tbsp gluten free oats
125ml dairy free milk
2 tsp honey/maple syrup

Peanut butter
Homemade granola
Chia seeds
Mixed winter berries
Rose petals


  1. Add all of the smoothie ingredients to a strong blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer to two bowls and top with your favourite toppings – the more the merrier.
  3. Dig in and enjoy!

Sophie x

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