Chocolate & Date Smoothie Bowl


That’s the big difference I see in most breakfast loving Instagram accounts at the moment – but which do you prefer, and can you love both?

Er YES of course! Now I’ll admit, you can probably tell from my Insta account @oatsodelicious that I’m a oats kinda gal (clue’s in the name!) This week though, I decided to switch it up and make a delicious bowl of creamy chocolate, date and banana smoothie deliciousness. The ingredients aren’t revolutionary – you have the standard frozen bananas, almond milk, medjool dates and cocoa powder – but the real game changer is espresso powder!

For this recipe I wouldn’t add too much, otherwise it becomes a mocha smoothie bowl (although that would also be delicious). A hint of coffee adds such a depth of flavour to this recipe and intensifies the chocolate taste, who doesn’t want that! It’s the same concept when making homemade chilli and you add a small amount of coffee or dark chocolate – it’s not intended to be overpowering, but instead will make the chilli much more intense and delicious.

It’s making me hungry thinking about it!

Top tip – pour 1/2 cup almond milk into your blender and pulse – this will help get the leftover smoothie off the sides of your blender. Now you have a yummy chocolate milkshake!

Chocolate & Date Smoothie Bowl

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Serves: 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes


  • 2 medium ripe bananas, frozen overnight*
  • 6 medjool dates, pitted
  • 240ml almond milk
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp espresso powder



Blend all ingredients until silky smooth


Pour into a bowl and add desired toppings - I went for shredded coconut, hazelnuts, dates, freeze dried raspberries and toasted buckwheat.


*peel and slice the bananas, then place the slices into a ziplock bag and pop in the freezer overnight.

If you’ve made this recipe, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @oatsodelicious or #oatsodelicious so I can see your wonderful creations!

Sophie x

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  • Petra
    11/01/2018 at 11:37 AM

    Yum, this is such a treat, I could easily eat this as a dessert!

    • oatsodelicious
      11/01/2018 at 12:16 PM

      Dessert for breakfast is my favourite kind of meal! ?