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Shortlisted @ the Health Blog Awards!

I’m so so excited to write this post, as I’ve just found out Oat So Delicious has been shortlisted for a blog award under the ‘Best New Blog’ category! The awards are sponsored by That Protein and the Health Bloggers Community and will take place in London on the 21st […]


Unicorn Porridge

So I realise my Unicorn porridge is a little more tame than others (get it?) i.e there’s no glitter and I’ve only focussed on two colours, but I think it’s worthy of the title anyway! I also realise my puns are very very bad… This porridge is really easy to […]


Strawberries & Cream Smoothie

It’s Wimbledon Finals day! Who’re you rooting for today? In the spirit of Wimbledon I’ve re-created the classic combo of strawberries & cream, in the form of a fun and tasty smoothie! Frozen strawberries, milk and greek yogurt make up the base of this drink, although this can easily be […]


Chocolate & Banana Hazelnut Crunch Pancakes

Chocolate and banana hazelnut crunch scrummy yummy pancakes *inserts love eyed emoji*. These pancakes have the perfect sweet/rich balance – the chocolate pancakes are very chocolatey but the sweet banana pancakes and berry/maple topping balances them perfectly. If you can manage it, try to get each flavour component on your […]

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Peanut Butter & Banana Oat Bars

Hands up who’s a peanut butter & banana obsessive?! If so keep reading as I promise these yummy oat bars will be the ones for you! With a mixture of oats, almonds and dates for the base and topping; these oaty bars are deliciously sweet and very addictive. Combined with […]

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Coeliac Disease – What is it?

I’ve been posting healthy, gluten free recipes on my blog/social media channels for around 2 months now but I haven’t really explained how Oat So Delicious came about. I obviously have a love of breakfast food and baking healthy recipes and oats are a massive part of my diet, I […]