Baked Cinnamon Pears

One of my favourite fruits is the humble pear. In my eyes it’s completely underestimated, but why shouldn’t it be in the same league as an apple? They’re both easy to eat fruits that don’t need preparing, they taste delicious raw or baked and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Even so, the pear always seems to be forgotten about!

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5 Cosy Porridge Bowls for Autumn

The most important day for Oat So Delicious is finally here…WORLD PORRIDGE DAY!

Porridge is by far my favourite way to start the day, and I think I’ve tried every single variation out there. I love it so much I even named my blog after the key ingredient! Whether you’re eating a bowl of creamy banana porridge, chocolate coffee (mocha) or tea infused oats, enjoy the cosy, warming feeling you get from a delicious bowl of hot porridge.

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Spiced Orange & Date Porridge

Autumn recipes are here! I’ve been so excited to post Autumn/Winter recipes ever since I started this blog in March (how has it been 8 months already?!) and don’t even get me started on Christmas recipes! If there’s any Scrooges reading this I’m afraid Christmas is only 10 weeks away, so be prepared that at least 6 of them will be Christmas themed!

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