Chocolate Coconut Yoghurt Waffles

Chocolate Coconut Yoghurt Waffles

Weekends are made for relaxing, spending time with friends and family and eating delicious stacks of gluten-free pancakes and waffles! I might not always have time to make a decadent brunch for my family (porridge is the usual brekkie in my house) however if I’m hosting brunch for family/friends, waffles are my go-to breakfast food of choice. They’re ridiculously easy to prepare and only take 3-4 min to cook, so even if you’re preparing brunch for multiple people, it won’t take long for everyone to be served.

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Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

Say hello to the thickest, fluffiest blueberry pancakes you’ve ever seen!

I made these pancakes a couple of weeks ago, in preparation for a little Instagram sneak preview on Pancake Day (ie every food bloggers favourite holiday). I knew I wanted to make blueberry pancakes that were super thick and fluffy, just like proper American Diner pancakes – and they turned out amazing!

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Cherry Bakewell Cake

Calling all you lovely almond fans out there – this yummy Cherry Bakewell cake was created for you! Bakewell tarts are one of my all time favourite British treats. With there buttery pastry base, cherry jam middle, frangipane topping and glacé cherry – they’re just heavenly! However since I’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, I haven’t been able to find a gluten free alternative that will curb my cherry/almond needs.

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Vegan Christmas Tree Chocolates

If you’re looking for a cute and super easy chocolate Christmas recipe, then these little Christmas tree chocolates are the perfect thing to make! I found this silicone Christmas tree ice cube tray on eBay and I knew it’d be the perfect mould for chocolate bites! Simply melt chocolate chips on the hob with a little bit of coconut oil, pour into your moulds and sprinkle over your toppings. I’ve chosen cranberries and pistachios as a Christmassy red and green theme, but any dried fruit/nut combo would work!

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