Gluten Free Supermarket Snacks

Snacks are just one of those things that anyone with Coeliac Disease or food intolerances will need to get used to. Snacks are your new best friend, they travel everywhere with you and will lift your spirits if there’s no gluten free food available. I will admit, the majority of chain coffee shops now sell gluten free snacks (hooray) but it never hurts to be overly prepared!

I’ve listed a few of my favourite snacks that are available in most supermarkets – they aren’t overly expensive and can easily be transported in your bag. As much as I would love to try out all the gluten free snacks in Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Selfridges food haul, I’ve only included snacks available in supermarkets so you guys can find them easily! Plus I don’t live in London anymore, so fancy snacks are out the window…sigh.


NAKD BARS – these have been my favourite snacks for years, even before I was diagnosed Coeliac. They have so many flavours, many of them dessert inspired and they’re the perfect mid-afternoon or evening snack. However There are a few bars which aren’t gluten free – they’re the Nakd Oatie Bars which have normal oats in and therefore unsuitable for Coeliacs.


TREK BARS – the TREK bars are DELICIOUS, and I mean seriously yummy! The protein flapjacks are by far my favourite and with 9g protein in each bar, they’re perfect for a pre or post workout snack. You can also buy the Nakd & TREK bars in mixed cases from their website which make for great gifts!


PERK!ER BARS – I was lucky enough to be sent these bars from Perk!er to try out, and I can hand on heart say they’re delicious! My favourite flavours are Cacao & Cashew and Peanut (which I ate before taking this photo, whoops!) These were the perfect snack for me to keep in my bag during my camping holiday, if I ever needed a quick snack or couldn’t find anything suitable to eat while I was out & about, I would straight away grab for these. If you haven’t seen my post talking about what I ate during my camping trip in North Devon, you can have a read here.


PROPERCORN – firstly, how blooming big is the Peanut & Almond bag?! Popcorn for one? Yes please! Being a massive nut butter fan I was obviously going to love the Peanut & Almond flavour, it’s utterly moreish and tastes just like a crunchy version of a big spoon of nut butter! A a savoury alternative, I love the Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato flavour. It have a lovely kick without being too overpowering and goes perfectly with my sandwich at lunch – makes a nice change from a normal packet of crisps!


SCHAR PRETZELS – these are a new discovery for me as I’ve never actually tried them before. As you can imagine, they’re much like normal pretzels being that they’re salty and crunchy and oh so yummy. I also love the size they come in, perfect for one portion! Like it says on the packet, they’re perfect as a lunch-time snack, party buffet or movie nibbles.

These are some of my favourite snacks and although they’re quite well known, they’re lifesavers when it comes to need a quick failsafe snack! What’re your fav snacks? Leave me a comment below as I’d love to hear from you 💕

Sophie x

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